A Yoruba Goddess Replies A Yoruba Demon


the beast’s belly boils. lust’s fire
burns holes in his loins. molten lava
flows from his mouth like a river:

well-rehearsed words
welded into mellifluous chords
wielded like a samurai’s sword
intent on drawing blood.

garment adorned with captured prey
the Yoruba demon, lord of grey
clouds lined silver & gold-plated clay

dreams of conquering new curves & exploring
smooth skin, valleys & cavities. setting
to work, he launches his attacks, aiming
at my heart — willing to do anything.

listen, lust-filled fiend, I am out of your league
laying siege to a walled city sited on a hill holds intrigue
certainly, but it can only result in combat fatigue

drop me a line, maybe?

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